What is Zion, anyway?

I. My family wants to know  if it felt, “Holy.”  As if something of the marrow piped within my bones would swell and throb or rattle as soon as I cleared customs. I tell them: The sherut to Jerusalem took three hours to fill.  We met Canadians from Nicaragua. Who are proud of their son –an engineer, like his immigrant father who […]

On language.

In the beginning, the word became Flesh. Isn’t that something?   That word, of itself, beckoned for organs, for systems, for cells teeming, growing splitting, dying multiplying and being made new? Word, as it were took on form gained some weight tracked footprints, tasted fragrance… and spit. In the beginning, Word took on flesh. Perhaps […]

A year of tending.

Somehow we’ve arrived here. December 31st.   Nostalgic-me has now wandered off into a woodsy cabin. The room smells of cedar and old newspapers. Light dances from the woodburning stove.  James Taylor is haunting the record player. I’ve unwound in an overstuffed chair with an oversized mug. Snowflakes are falling like a blanket of punctuation […]

To the season.

there’s something so carefree about Spring it’s a little whispy a little sneaky a little whimsy the way petals abandon new blossoms with an ease and a Joy… all it takes is a sneeze; off they’ll go i don’t get it yet, i’m drawn by the freedom curious ability to fight through a winter then […]